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Originally posted on Thursday, May 5, 2005.

The theme of this journal is "Ideas are the gameboard of the mind." Here is a place for trying out ideas, seeing how they play within the rules our minds may have put in place.

1) Are the rules inborn?
2) Do we arrive into the world with a toolkit full of how-to's and do-not's?
3) Is there an operating system implanted with our DNA that pulls in more and more files and tries to organize them coherently?
4) Do our ideas of right and wrong come with the kit, or do circumstances of existence and the influence of our environment program them in?
5) Are we capable of deleting bad files and reprogramming ourselves?
6) Is learning a kind of downloading and installing of plug-ins?
7) Is the ability to introspect learned or self-discovered?
8) How does the mind differentiate between knowledge and belief?
9) Between certainty and speculation?
10) Between the real and the simulated?
11) Can we look inside and check our source code to know why we hold certain values?
12) How did we come to accept rules taught to us by parents, teachers, adults, authorities?
13) How do some humans become authorities over other humans?
14) Is our herd or tribal conditioning so strong that we accept rulers and submit to rules not of our making?

Scientists are making great progress in studying the physical structure of the brain, how neurons communicate, how thoughts literally flare up, how patterns are reinforced or allowed to atrophy.

15) At the quantum level, what is a thought?
16) How are concepts built up from their component elementary perceptions and sensory data?
17) How do emotions emerge and evolve?
18) Is there a parallel between the cognitive and the emotive?
19) Do emotions arise in reaction to encounters between what we want and what the environment provides?

Enough questions for now. These are the areas and ideas we will play with.

Oh, one more thing. We proceed from the premise that there is an objective reality "out there". It is the final measuring stick, the table on which our gameboard sits. Let's not ever forget it. ||| Your turn.



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